Who is this guy anyway ?


Well, my name is Fabian, I’m a young creative & graphic designer. Graffiti artist at first, I decided to move to Belgium to learn graphic design. Three years later, I graduated with high honours in advertising and graphic design from the ESIAJ (Albert Jacquard) in June 2014.
Since then, I have been eager to learn more and become better at what I do. Lately I have been working as a graphic designer while learning typography and motion design in my spare time.

My formation at the ESIAJ was complete on both the graphic and the advertising field, as we had to prove our skills and creativity all year long with workshops supervised by professionals.


Always searching for the latest innovations, techniques and styles in different domains. I love working on creative ways and fresh ideas to fulfill the client’s needs, mixing different mediums to obtain a solution.
I am also very fond of tactile and interactive design.

You can also see my interview (in French) in BaronMag

Not interested yet ?

I’m running out of arguments here, but if you want to know more, contact me or watch my interactive Curriculum Vitae by clicking on the button right below.